Revolut - Which card to order?


Hi all

My recent short trip to Austria showed me once more the outrageous fees on my credit card, that’s why I decided to open up a Revolut account. Now I am not sure which card I should order. To my understanding Visa and Maestro are free? What are the advantages / disadvantages of those?

Thanks for helping me out!


There are none besides that they are prepaid so you can not use them for everything. For example car rentals

I personally use the Visa

Also on first use you have to disable a bunch of security settings in the Revolut app because they are pretty locked down.


What did you have to disable?


I think first was ATM withdrawals which was disabled for some reason, then contactless, which was also disabled and the third was online transactions


Those take seconds to enable/disable though, which is pretty cool.


Yeah it’s only annoying when you try to make payments and then find out you have to disable them first :wink: