Revolut is back


This is pretty straightforward actually. UBS exchange rate is typically +2.3% over interbank rate and another +1.75% foreign transaction fee. Terminals will charge +5% typically for currency echange. If you use the CHF rate from the terminal with an UBS card, you will pay +5% AND +1.75% for foreign transaction as the payment was done outside of Switzerland even if in CHF.


Just a note for new customers who are unaware of it: Revolut does not have a Swiss banking license and your cash stash is not protected in the event of bankruptcy. So don’t go out and put all your money into the Revolut bank account.


this is a good point, personally I put 500-1000chf in it whenever I need it (for trips etc). It can also be nice for budgeting within Switzerland. In that case just put 200chf in and see how long it lasts.


We’ve been discussing around 18th Jan in this thread and I posted a link from Handelszeitung about the converdion rates.