Revolut introduces new Revolut Plus plan

Revolut introduced a Plus plan between Standard (what I have) and Premium (what I used to have when we still travelled around).

What is not clear to me is whether they downgraded Standard in the same move. In the app under “account type” there is no “free cash withdrawal” listed anymore.

I always had the standard plan and it says “ATM withdrawals €0 / €200” next to “Currency exchange €0 / €1,000”. All is good here :slight_smile:

Their webpage also confirms this :slight_smile:

do they not have a proper overview site that compares the plans directly?

In my app I no longer have the 200 ATM withdrawals for Standard. But I see 400 for Premium. Plus is not available here in Switzerland.

I am with the free account and I still have the monthly 200 CHF free withdrawals

maybe scroll down? :slight_smile:

In Italian , sorry … :wink:

Shame on me, i see it now… confusing that it’s not listed in the account type overview.

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I have to say that this “new” user interface is far from user friendly…

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