Revolut account - CHF - Fees


I m occasional user of Revolut, mainly when travelling or a few EU-transfers to my family in France.

I used to top up my Revolut CHF from a Visa credit card in CHF, and then convert. 0 fees from Visa until recently.

Since May, I now get charged 1.5% by Visa on each transaction, as the transaction is now operated by “Revolut London”, considered by Visa a foreign transaction even though currency is CHF.

Contacted Revolut but no answer yet (poor customer service).

So I don t really see the point of continuing using Revolut, if I m anhow getting charged 1.5% by Visa.

So questions I hope you can help me with:

  • Anyone would know why it has changed (brexit?)
  • Any recommendation to top up your Revolut CHF at no fees? (simply)
  • Any alternative to Revolut?

Thanks a lot


You don’t get charged by VISA - you get charged by your credit card issuer (such as Swisscard, Viseca, etc.). The latter sets exchanges rates and surcharges.

Revolut may not have changed their mechanist location - your card issuer could have changed the way they are charging for CHF transfers (they may have used to charge for transactions abroad but could have made exceptions, especially for cases where consumers weren’t aware that a merchant was located abroad when charging in CHF).

It likely hasn’t got to do anything with Brexit, since Swiss issuers usually only distinguish between domestic and foreign transactions, not EU/EEA vs. non-EEA.

You can top up Revolut for free by making a domestic bank transfer in CHF to their account at Credit Suisse.



Thank you very much for your kind answer.

Indeed, checked deeper my Viseca bill and it is Viseca related as other transactions with suppliers got the same fee - AirBnb, Easyjet etc. God, just did not realise until now.

I m not so familiar with Wise, will research that - thank you. Was considering Neon as replacement to Viseca and top up Revout. 0 fees for international payment.

I switched from revolut to neon and I am happy so far.


PostFinance CC is still free

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Swisscard cashback card is also free for me


I’d ask Viseca why. There might be an error. I think transactions with merchants and transaction with banks are different for the same reason you don’t get cashback by transferring money to revolut.

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Charging Revolut free with:

Supercard CC
Cumulus (new)
Cembra Certo
Cashback CC

These are the ones I know of. There may be others.

You don’t get any points or cashback, though.

Call Viseca and threaten to cancel. This might help.