Revolut account - CHF - Fees


I m occasional user of Revolut, mainly when travelling or a few EU-transfers to my family in France.

I used to top up my Revolut CHF from a Visa credit card in CHF, and then convert. 0 fees from Visa until recently.

Since May, I now get charged 1.5% by Visa on each transaction, as the transaction is now operated by “Revolut London”, considered by Visa a foreign transaction even though currency is CHF.

Contacted Revolut but no answer yet (poor customer service).

So I don t really see the point of continuing using Revolut, if I m anhow getting charged 1.5% by Visa.

So questions I hope you can help me with:

  • Anyone would know why it has changed (brexit?)
  • Any recommendation to top up your Revolut CHF at no fees? (simply)
  • Any alternative to Revolut?

Thanks a lot


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