Resident c permit taxes for stocks

I am from Lithuania and I am currently working with C permit in ZH starting 2020-06. Before I worked in LT. Planning to stay in CH for 1-2years. I opened IBRK and set Lithuania as taxable country(not sure if correct). This year I purchased some stocks. I am not sure to which country should I declare my stocks and which country should tax me, as I worked half year from LT and half year from CH? Also do I need to declare it for 20 tax declaration in CH ?

C permit is surprising, especially for a temporary stay.

You’ll need to check the dual taxation treaty between lithuania and CH (if there is one). And most likely your tax residence in IB should be Switzerland at least for this year.

Maybe I am mistaken about permit. It should come in a post this week. I had L permit for 2020, as my job extended for 21 I am getting B or C.

You will very likely get a B permit. Did you stay/work more than 180 days in Switzerland? If yes then you should have probably choosen tax residence as Switzerland.

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