Rent your car via Sharoo?

Hoi Zame,

Whenever I needed a car in Zurich, I have been using (referral link - I hope it’s allowed?) and I have been very satisfied by it.

The idea is very simple: people can rent their cars to strangers, who can book, pay, and unlock the car through the smartphone.

Now, because I recently I moved to a place in Zurich where I can enjoy free parking, I started thinking: what if I buy a second hand car and rent it out? Anybody in here has thought about it or is already doing it? It could possibly produce a small cash flow after a small (few K’s) investment, if the income from renting the car would exceed taxes, insurances, and car repairs (too much to ask, perhaps?). Would be nice to know the statistics from sharoo about how often do cars get rented…
What do you guys think?


Just tried booking a few cars in my area: they seem to all be rather free for several days to come. Perhaps there’s not so much demand. Strange, because I see many mobility cars around and sharoo it’s a bit cheaper (in my experience).

How does it work with insurances?

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without looking at the details, i’d expect the risk return won’t pay off. to many drunkyards and other idiots around, that wont treat the car nicely. however go for it and report back :wink:


here the info from their website: