Recommendations for paid tax service (aka accountants)

Hi all

I searched the forum a few times already and didn’t really find anything on the topic. Guess real Mustachians don’t pay others to do their taxes :smiley:

I’d like to give it a try this year, because I feel like I’m paying way too much, and particularly now with the pandemic last year it should be possible to deduct parts of the rent because of home office etc. And some say, that it’s worth doing at least once and then copying the old form filled out by the pro in the following years as long as nothing substantial changes.

Long story short: Does anyone have good experiences with a particular service? I have seen some starting at 40.-, which is way too cheap and can’t be any good. I also tried registering on a particular website in the 150.- range, but they are already bitching about my protonmail email address not being “secure and compliant with their IT security standards”, because it contains a “+” character :roll_eyes:

Wow, now I see this thread: Tips on finding an accountant to do your tax return?

FWIW, I’ve never seen accountant have “magic” trick. “Best” case is they claim lots of deduction you didn’t actually qualify for (but they kinda know what thresholds are used for auditing by the tax office), but it won’t be a large amount in any case.

(The official tax software usually has all the standard deductions)

You are probably right. According to the marketing texts of many accounting pages, the official tax software lags behind in terms of laws and court rulings. I guess they refer to the “get away” thresholds you mentioned.

Think I can find all information that I need in this forum actually :slight_smile:

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