Recommendations for my 2nd Pillar

Hi there!

I have recently changed my job and I want to move my pension to a FZK. And I would like to get your recommendations:

  1. Where? vs

Reading the thread about it. It looks like valuepension is a better option.

Case 1: I move it to value pension

Then, what strategy would you pick?

  1. 0% of stocks because maybe the market will go down again. So I wait with bonds and change it To 99% stocks at some point in the future.

Then, which bonds would you pick? Here is where I’m totally lost.

  1. 99% stocks. Then, which stocks?

Case 2: I move it to VIAC.

The same answer from above would work to decide the strategy. But anyone knows if it works like the 3rd pillar or we can choose the bonds/stocks?

Thank you


If you don’t want to have stocks now, you don’t want to have 99% stocks in the future. You just don’t realise it yet.

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Hi Lorenzo,

I’d say it depends how long it will take you before getting another job and moving it to the pension fund of your new employer. I’d use that as my time horizon when considering my risk tolerance.

In the situation where it would be there for 10+ year, my second pillar is the only place where I’d want to play it safe and would not go 100% stocks. To me, it is the part of my retirement that the government will fight tooth and nail to make sure it is still there when I retire and doesn’t go bust because of a crisis happening where enough of the wrong companies go bust to take my savings with them. I’d go with age in bonds (or rather age in cash/gold with the current interest rates).

I’m no specialist on the VIAC vs valuepension part. There again, I’m risk averse with my second pillar and valuepension hasn’t been there for long enough for me to trust them with my long term retirement assets so I’d go with VIAC for that reason alone. Then again, VIAC hasn’t been there for that long either and I’m not sure I’d be really willing to trust the Terzo fundation with my long term second pillar money but the alternatives are so bad that I’d still go with it.

Probably not your standard mustachian advice.

As I’m not an expert. I don’t want to take a risk now when the market is going up and down.

Hi Wolverine,

If it isn’t the standard mustachian advice, it’s very helpful anyway.

I already have another job and I want to it to move it now. Just maybe waiting with bonds for some time.

Great point with how secure would be valuepension and viac. I remembered reading that in the post, but I forgot it.

This is the definition of the market. Then you should never buy stocks.

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Then you should never own stocks. The risk is always the same.

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I have a noob question concerning 2. Pillar (Pensionskasse vs Freizügigkeitskonto):

Let’s assume:

Case A: my money is in a PK
Case B: my money is in a FZK

Case A and B have exactly the same AA and exactly the same funds.

Let’s ignore the monthly contribution in Case A.

Let’s say it is a terrible year for the market, yearly return was -10%.

Case B: my capital lost 10%
Case A (again: ignore monthly contribution): is my capital also -10%?

Or put it in other words: in bad market times, is it actually possible to lose money in PK or is my money somehow insured to have a positiv (or zero) yearly return?

The market conditions have no direct influence on your money in a Pensionkasse. The only indirect influence is that the federal council will lower the minimum interest rate on the compulsory part. The Pensionkasse doesn’t invest your money. It invests its money. And they happen to owes you money.

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Ok, thank you very much. This is not the case for a FZK, right?

FZK is basically like a bank or a broker.

Ok Thanks for the answer

As REandSTOCK said, there is a minimum interest rate mandated by law.

However, in “extreme” cases, the pension fund might be obligated to take financial rehabilitation measures, which might make you “lose” some money.