Recommandation to inform about stocks

Every morning I read the news and most of the times I find out that I am 2-3 days too late to take opportunities. My question to you is how do you find out the opportunities? Which newspapers or an other canal would you recommend?

3 days late sounds perfect for a long term investment :slight_smile:

What I’d recommend is setting up a long term allocation given how much risk you’re ready to take, and then totally forgetting about it except rebalancing once a year based on that allocation.


On-time recommandation: sig combibloc

Another recommendation : prefer ETF such as VT or VWRL.

There is no place for such “opportunities”, they don’t exist. Certainly not for the average investor.

Of course you can believe otherwise, but that is what the evidence shows.

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This. When it comes to information, we’re competing with professionals who have better connections than us and have teams working full time on it. We’re not equiped to compete.

Of course, there is the rare exception, like the GameStop short squeeze, that may arise on some random forum. I’d check the places more oriented toward active trading. I don’t know any beside r/wallstreetbets.

Another reason why you may always be a little late is because it’s way easier to report news when they have happened than to predict them before they do so my guess is your news sources report financial informations shortly after the fact, so too late to profit.

If you still want to follow that route, I’d study the fundamentals of a few stocks/markets/sectors I like, then follow them closely. Being more focused and closer to first person news may give you an edge against the market participants focused on other parts of the market than the tiny niche you’re watching with scrutiny.

ETA: you may also decide to follow Elon Musk on Twitter and jump on the sinking boats he throws toward his followers. Throwing money at whatever he hints at seems to be the new game in town. Of course, it could stop as quickly as it has started and staying on any rocket he launches past its prime means you can end up giving your money to the cause rather than profiting from it.

“Investing” based on other things than fundamentals is a multiplayer game: you’d be trying to make money out of other people’s pockets. That means your pockets are on the table as well, in reach of very shrewed players.


Wolverine basically said it.

He gave one example with r/wallstreetbets and the GME saga. He almost gave you another with Elon Musk (who hinted at investing in Bitcoin on his Twitter profile, couple of days before Tesla did).

I’ll add one from the stock market myself:

Nine months ago, I have bought TCS stock at a price per share GBP 14.00 in May 2020.
I’m now up about 300% on that investment.

TCS / Tinkoff Bank is Russian Neobank. Since I’m into payment accounts and payment cards to the point that you could call it a hobby of mine, in May 2020 I heard early word of their expansion into Western Europe (they started in Germany a few months later in 2020) on a rather obscure internet forum thread. There were just a couple of news articles in on niche payment-focused websites back then, and banks aren’t always a great investment. Neither are neobanks, if you can’t get in early through venture capital. But I got curious and read about their aggressive expansion strategy, success in building “ecosystems” around payments and their proven path to profitability.

The company was also valued relatively low. In addition to the overall market beatdown by the evolving COVID-19 crisis, its stock had been dogged by recent news about its founder and (formerly) majority owner Oleg Tinkov: He had just been charged by the U.S. DoJ for tax evasion - only a day before announcing he was battling acute leukemia.

Moral of the story? It’s what Wolverine described:

It would of course be easy to invest five dozens of stocks and then rationalise my decision for the biggest winner with the benefit of hindsight. But that’s not the case here.

I honestly haven’t had many other (singular) investment ideas with high conviction since then.
Only Bitcoin, where I’m also up by more than 300%, since getting into it after last year’s halving.

Sadly I haven’t had the balls to act and bet big on them. :roll_eyes: I only invested tiny amounts.

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You’re not under enough need to take that risk to make it worth your while. :smiley:

I’m reaching a perceived job-dead end dire enough that I’m considering taking exponential leverage and put it on a strategy I trust to deliver short term results in a “rocket to the moon or go down with a boom” philosophy. I’d not even consider it if I felt crashing down would have worse results than staying on my current path. I’ll cheer to the fact that you consider maintaining your footing more important than trusting your analysis to lead you to greatness. :slight_smile:

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