Reasonably priced light bulbs

We still have some of the old filament light bulbs at home, which are slowly but surely failing.

Right now, whenever I need a new LED bulb I just go to a local home appliances store but their prices are horrible. So I’m thinking of replacing all the old bulbs at once and be done with it.

Anyone can recommend a good source with good prices and a good choice?

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I ordered mine from Big selection, better bulbs (so far) than from the local store, reasonable pricing and shipping and no Swiss surcharge on ordering. They do the customs handling.


I have bought a bunch from Migros, I felt like the prices were reasonable for their lifespan.

What do you call horrible prices?

If you are in Vaud, wait for the 50% promo. Migros do it each year :slight_smile:

I have been happy buying from Amazon Germany

We have approx 10 light fittings with G9 bulbs which started dying one by one all around the same time and cost 7.90 CHF per bulb from COOP (*)

A 10 pack of Osram brand from is currently 11 Euros + 6 Euros postage (may be possible to find better options or free postage).

In the past I tried buying unbranded ones on ebay from China but they gave variable brightness, flickered or died quickly.

(*)Price from COOP online:

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When I tried to optimize my first room I realized that I don’t like most light bulbs because of their low CRI (color rendering index). Most of the light bulbs had a 70/80 out of a perfect 100.

@Barto 's example from Philips has a CRI of 100 and the ones from Osram of 80. Personally, I’d be happy to pay more for the better light bulbs.

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I normally buy from Ikea. Once a few years ago they were selling LED bulbs for 20 rappen a pair (at the end section, together with returned furniture) so I bought dozens of them and replaced ALL bulbs in my house, my mum’s house, and my auntie’s house, all still doing their job.


Thanks for the tip about CRI which I will use when buying next time. Here are the OSRAM ones I bought, by luck they do have CRI 100 which might explain why I was happy with them. Current price is Eur 11.42 + postage so worth going online if you have a lot of lights

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Those aren’t LED, are they?

I haven’t had good experiences with OSRAM LED bulbs from high street shops (though the non-LED ones were reasonable as far as I remember).

Oops. Neither the Philips ones. So my posts were off topic!

+1 for IKEA. I usually buy the ones that can be used with a dimmer switch and they are working fine.

Thank you all for your answers.

I think I’ll head down to Ikea one of these days. They’re usually quite cheap for standard things like these.

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