Raiffeisen online 3a

I haven’t seen mentioned here, but Raiffeisen is introducing a new way of investing with the 3a. They have funds, as before IIRC, but they are going to indroduce ETFs.

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I haven’t looked into it as of yet, does there seem to be any change in the fees involved?

Where did you look about this information?

I’m a new customer of Raiffeisen, waiting my card and access. I was talking with one of their financial advisor about 3rd pilar, but from what I’ve looked, they are really expensive…

They said that they only take a commission fee of 0.80%, but this is just one fee from others hiddens one. For exemple, if you want to take their 100% equity option, the fund itself cost 1.25%.

It’s even worse when you read their KIID : Key Investor Information (publifund.com)

EDIT: Find it Raiffeisen lance le pilier 3a digital They will start passive investment in their 3a next year.


There is nothing of interest for now.

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I have done some analysis of Raiffeisen 3a funds (and also Cler funds). As they are not big asset managers, they often use funds from Ishares or other providers, and repackage them inside their funds adding a big markup. When you have funds inside a fund, you never really know if the TER includes all the fees.

Raiffeisen (and other banks like UBS or CS) can’t have lower fees than Viac and Finpension. They need to pay their advisors and branches.


Yes, we are not their target group of customers.

But the majority of people, if they even care about their personal finances, need to go to a real place and talk to a real person who tell them what to do. Which is, in the end, even better than not investing at all.

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