Questions about Swiss Tax Declaration – Securities Summarized

Hello everyone,

Since February 2022, I have had my main residence in Switzerland, and in June 2023, I submitted my first tax declaration in Switzerland for the tax year 2022. During the relevant year, I lived in Germany for the first two months and in Switzerland for the remaining ten months.

I prepared the tax declaration with the help of a fiduciary / tax advisor. However, there was a peculiarity with the securities. Although I have a relatively small portfolio of about 20,000 CHF, I conducted around 70 transactions, totaling a volume of more than 100,000 CHF, which is more than five times the initial balance (violating the Safe Harbor Rule). Since the portfolio showed an annual loss of 6.5%, I did not receive any dividends, and therefore did not derive any financial benefit from the investment, my tax advisor suggested summarizing the entire value of the portfolio as one position in the securities directory, hoping that the tax authority would not look into it in detail. Besides this position in the securities directory, my current accounts and crypto assets are listed.

Now I am worried that I might have to provide all the transaction details and, in the worst case, be classified as a commercial securities trader. What do you think? Has anyone had similar experiences or can provide some advice on my situation?

My questions are:

  1. Could there be issues because I summarized the transactions?
  2. How can I prepare if the tax authority requests detailed information?
  3. Has anyone had similar experiences and can give me tips on how to proceed?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,

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