Question about Professional trader status

Hi guys,

I’m a bit worried about one thing regarding my crypto deals and would like to ask you guys.
Just like most of you I want to avoid getting the tax status “Professional trader”. Which would mean you have to pay more taxes for your gains.

I sold some ETH 2 months back. Half of it to EURO directly and half of it to the USDT stablecoin.(Don’t ask me why, I thought it was a good idea at the time)

Now, if I sell the USDT that I got only 2 months ago. Would I be considered a “Professional trader” since I did not own that USDT for at least 6 months before selling.?
Or do you think that this will not count since its a stablecoin? and since I’m stilll an amature investor who just DCA’s some money in from my income each month.

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