Putzfrau / Cleaning person

hi all,
We have a cleaning lady coming on weekly basis for 3-4 hours.
In order to do things right, we understand we need to declare her, make a contract, subscribe her to the AHV/AVS and health insurance.
My question is - is any expense related to “hiring” her taxe-deductible? I was told no by a service company.


That’s correct. Spendings related to your lifestyle/train de vie arent tax deductible.

But, isn’t cleaning part of the “unterhaltung” of a property?

Lmgtfy? :wink:
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Tax deductions may apply if:

  1. The employee’s primary task is childcare
  2. You are disabled and are not able to complete basic tasks (i.e. cooking, cleaning) yourself.

Otherwise housekeeping costs are not tax deductible.

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