Programming vs Farming


Thanks man, that’s really useful resource.

Yeah, I know. In March I’m starting a new job in a new team with a new project using new tools, so this should keep me excited for at least a year or two. If it won’t, I’m going to switch to Dev or abandon IT altogether (although this would be hard psychologically as I’d have to give up my high salary).

Something I really miss at my job is working in a good, supportive and friendly team. Hopefully next job will provide me that.

One of the problems is that I lost my drive - I used to be passionate about technology and motivated by money and career, not any more though.

PS. Friend of mine told me that my problem is that I don’t have problems. I’m on the top of Maslow’s hierarchy and what I face is a self-actualization anxiety. I have everything, and the only thing that I’m missing is a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. This overlaps with your comment @Bojack.


Dude, throw in a baby to your mix and you’ve got the full whammy…don’t worry though, it does get better you just have to be patient and tenacious.