Problems with a "Custodial Savings Account" for a child

Time for lawyers?

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You already have the answer. Time to make a letter to the Justice de Paix. Complaining here will change nothing.

Got in touch with my Legal Protection, doesn’t include banking but they told me that I depend on the Justice of the Peace decision.

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Well, if the lawyers are of the opinion that nothing can be done, then the money likely is lost for the time being.

Updating my own post so it can help others in the same situation. Already wrote a letter to the Justice of Peace but I already imagine their answer “firstly spend your own money and then you may access this account”.


Honestly try the back door: set up e banking. Try to send to another account in the same name, could be that they are being difficult because they know the dossier/you when you are in person. Perhaps nothing blocking the transfer if its a bit less obvious.

It’s also possible there’s something OP isn’t telling us (e.g. issue with other guardian, etc.) that makes the situation more complex.

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Thanks already did that, the bank is still blocking the transfer: “the conditions required to execute your order have not been met”. They will continue to block it until they have the ok from the Justice of Peace.

I started the post to help others in same situation and to get advices. I am being honest with the situation and not hiding anything. The situation became more complex because I went in person to the closest branch and talked with a new employee that wanted to follow the rules and communicated to their Legal department that blocked the account. Then I went to another branch and they told that they would give me the money however since Legal was already informed that they couldn’t do it. So it seems that it also depends on the person that you have in front of you.