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Transferring USD’s from Postfinance to IB costs approx. USD 15 “flat-rate”, so not really an option for smallish amounts, such as a bi-annual 2% p.a. dividend.

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It slowly look like I’d pick DeGiro as secondary account instead of PF. But wait. even DeGiro does the same…

0.1% markup. (More characters)

Oh yes! I thought I was paying only the 2chf on the PF side, but 16 USD always disappeared by the time the money made it to IB.

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I have both (or all three, IBKR, PF and DeGiro) but they all have their own limitations.

PF I use for a position in SMMCHA, where the dividends cover the 90 CHF fee so its self sufficient, and for some lump sum investing in V3AA (acc) once a year, utilising the 90CHF.

DeGiro I closed my Swiss account and opened a German (Custody) one:

  • Conversion CHF to EUR through IBKR
  • Using only one (free) exchange (XETRA)
  • Buying VWCE @ Xetra (Acc, Free)

But most goes in VT @ IBKR (if FinSa is going to block this might consider shift a bit more to DeGiro).


Is it not possible to receive the usd dividend on an usd account at PostFinanxe ? It will avoid the conversion cost and allow you to diversify in an usd etf like VT.

The dividend gets written to a new USD account within Swissquote. From there you can invest in VT or VWRD (which is VWRL but in USD, traded in London). You could also probably transfter it out of Swissquote to a regular PostFinance USD account, in order to send the money to another broker. But someone wrote here that it costs money.

To be clear: I’m not looking for some quirky solutions that waste time. It should be simple and minimalist.

…by making an additional buy transaction that will be charged at least 25 CHF in commissions?

Honestly, if it’s a minuscule 1% or something on currency conversion I‘d just get over with it.
This feels like another one of these instances of over-optimisation, to be honest.

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Wait… I thought you were with PostFinance, not Swissquote?

Even though it may be a White-Label-Product provided by Swissquote, this gets a bit confusing, TBH.
Like asking for a good car garage for your Opel Agila, when in fact you‘re driving a Suzuki Splash.


The whole E-Trading is operated by Swissquote. The look and feel is the same, I guess. You want support, you talk to Swissquote people. Does it change much if they stick a PostFinance label on it? But yes, I agree it can be confusing. So yes, I always mean E-Trading.

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It is possible but doesn’t make much sense. I have such a PF USD account but unless your portfolio is huge you will have a few 100 USD per year of dividend.
Then I need to pay 30 CHF for buying something at PF, or pay about 20 CHF to move this to IB as wire transfer, and then buy something for it.
I only use PF for positions in EUR or CHF that I can transport cheaply in/out and convert elsewhere- and preferably Acc.
PF’s exchange rates are horrible too.

Well, or example for VT dividend is ~1.5%; even for a reltively small 100k - 300k portifolios that gets into the several 1000s of dividend per year.

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I had a consultation about investing at a PostFinance branch back in March and was told you cannot have an e-Trading account with an L permit.
I read the custody account contract and it also mentions if you leave Switzerland you should sell all your positions and close the e-trading account. Also you need to inform PostFinance 30 days in advance at the least.
Now, for the people that are using this service, what kind of permits do you have ?

I opened it when I had B, but I can’t remember being asked.

I’m Naturalised so I cheated :wink:

Hi all,

When I try to Trade (buy) AMS:VUSA I get the following message in the eTrading app
Same for VWRL on Euronext in Euros
Does anyone know what this is about?

I am trying to invest some € I still own without exchanging it to CHF
Should I stay away from any market except SIX ?

What consequences are there if I buy from Euronext?


I’d take that as the usual legalese mumbo jumbo. Distribution rights for investment funds require a lot of filings and bureaucracy that for some countries isn’t worth it. The fact that they may not be marketed in certain countries doesn’t say that you can’t trust the fund.

If you can get the fund you want from a reputable market place such as Euronext, I wouldn’t hesitate.

That won’t be an issue for you. In the worst case they would be in trouble for letting you make a “too risky” order.

Also it’s a hint that the thing you are buying might not be in this list: ICTax - Income & Capital Taxes Making your taxes a bit more complicated.