Postfinance new pension funds: is it a suicide?

I just opened an account at Finpension.
Losing .8% is just too much.


Whit this change in addition of all others (from last years) PF became a bank to avoid .
I’m considering going away from all services .


sad indeed, especially what other “improvements” does the future hold for Postfinance clients who actually think that compared to the big banks Postfinance are quite ok?

grr, i have some Pension 100 and TER goes up from 1% to 1.27%. I was holding some 3a at Postfinance for diversity, but the difference to Viac & Finpension is now too much.

Me too. Although just the 3a bit. I still like their Aktiendepot and current accounts.

IMO testing price increases for better profits since they know most alternatives cost more anyhow.

Joining in disappointment.
-No more eCockpit
-No more free account keeping
-expensive E-Trading
-now killing the 3a products

I’m moving off our household accounts (question in where to?), the 3a accounts to Finpension and will probably close the account this year altogether. Bad decisions all around.

Too bad for PF, they developed so much from 10yrs ago and the design of the netbank is otherwise great. It’s just too expensive.

Just got a snail mail.

PostFinance45, 75 and 100 products will change to “ESG50”, 75 and 100, respectively.

Plus they will raise the TER from around 1% to 1.20-1.24% yearly.

With that and the removal of eCockpit I guess it’s time to drop the Post. It was good while it lasted. RIP.


There is already some discussion here: Postfinance new pension funds: is it a suicide?

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Apologies, we can scrap/merge this thread then.

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Pretty much all pension funds directly offered by banks have high TER. Glad to have many cheaper and better offers by third parties like finpension, viac and frankly nowadays. It’s definitely one of the reasons that I’ll transfer mine from PF.

Traditional banks in switzerland are quite expensive but competition from online banks will create more changes over time. My parents still prefer “big banks” because they offer personal/face to face customer service just in case something happens.


It was “okay”. Not great, not terrible, but very reasonable returns altogether on the PF75 fund.
I used it as diversification against my other pot in Finpension.

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If you need more than just basic banking you will be completely lost at any Swiss bank. Trading and 3a are just unreasonably expensive everywhere.

For regular banking maybe Migrosbank could be an option.

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I’ll go to BCV with our joint account the next time PF raises a fee. Some minimum requirement (10 or 15kCHF for the free account) but that goes together with my emergency knipl

Have just successfully moved my 3a from PostFinance to Finpension. I will pay the monthly 5.- gladly knowing how much I am going to save in 3a fees. Funnily enough, during the 1-2 days the amount was in cash in the account I got a commercial call trying to explain to me that I should invest in their funds.

I still find PostFinance a great option to hold several accounts in CHF and EUR for a low fee. BCV, UBS and others either do not offer EUR accounts or they charge you ridiculous prices for them.

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I got the same call asking if I want to go in for a free consultation on how to invest my money.
I’m sorry for those advisors, but I hope they bring back the message home.

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This discussion is mostly about how bad a move this is, but never forget that people on this forum are personal finance aficionados.

Most people aren’t.

I claim that most people would profit a lot from buying their banks’ 3a solutions, instead of doing nothing.

And most of those who are with the bank are hardly going to change anything about their 3a because of the price hike. They are likely to do nothing.

It may work out for PostFinance after all


Just got a text message from a friend who is not very much into personal finance and he’s asking me where I have my 3a since he wants to move away from PF after this.

But most people won’t change anything, I’m sure.


bump up.

My SO’s 3a is still with PF, being lazy about her own finances.
She was in PF75, which is now PF ESG 75 I believe. I wanted to compare the performance of this fund with other “75% equity” funds. As the Swiss ISIN’s are not easily found on Morningstar, etc… where would I go compare charts to this before I switch her over to finpension or something alike?

Let me know your results


I have kept one of my 3a’s at Postfinance till now too, previously Pension 100, since April 2022 Pension 100 ESG.
To compare I simply downloaded the Fund Datasheet as of 31.12.XX and compared the annual performance to VWRL and SMIC.
I didn’t really have another 3a ESG fund to compare.

annual perf in % ( CHF incl. dividends)
Pension 100 ESG VWRL SMIC
2021 +22.5 +22.9 +23.3
2022 -16.5 -18.0 -13.7

VWRL TER 0.22%
SMIC SMI Index Total Return (dividends reinvested)

Make of that what you want :wink: over the long-term we all know, that a fund charging TER 1.3% p.a. will underperform “the market” by at least 1.3% annually, alternatively it will underperform VWRL by 1.1% p.a.

Thanks, the tool would like nice, but alas…

CSIF Quality ex CH - not found.
iShares World Quality - found but not able to compare.
UBS doesn’t seem to have a “world ex CH” based quality factor ETF (wtf?!)

I’m way too frustrated with Swiss Funds and ETF to look further… :triumph: