Postfinance increases fees for Giro


would somebody open a wiki post and sumarizethe the findings of this thread?
i mean its worthless like this now


I can report back on Credit Agricole Suisse (

  • the customer service was very nice, helpful, all in English (10/10)
  • the e-banking system is the worst I have ever seen in my life :slight_smile: (0/10)
    • e-banking password cannot have more than 8 characters !!! special characters are not allowed !!!
    • e-banking login additional security - a one-time passwords sent by post in advance, no SMS confirmation, no app confirmations. If I decided to login to e-banking too often, they will have to send me a new one-time pass card every week…
    • e-banking looks like from 80’s, and after the first login there were already errors showing…
  • the Maestro card was actually a positive surprise - valid for 5 years, for free, all Swiss ATMs for free (10/10)
  • they charged me a fee wrongly to start with - will have to complain about it. (0/10)
  • saving accounts interest rate - one of the best I found in CH

Not sure I trust them with holding a lot of money, and to have all the accounts/cards free you need to keep 20k in total.

Wil try also Raiffeisen before making a final decision.


I agree with everything. Except that I am trusting them a lot of money.


How much is it afterwards? only 5 per month or do they introduce a cancelling fee?


Well, it should be fine. It’s just that it looks much less safe than other e-banking solutions…

It’s 5 or 12 CHF/month + additional fees if you reside abroad.
I’m not aware of any cancelation fees.


I also opened with ZAK and it was really easy and quick to open an account with them.
I like the App so far and they send me - additionally to the CHF 50 - an CHF 70 worth voucher for
Let’s see how my experience will be after a couple of months.


did you need to do something to get the microspot voucher? :slight_smile:


No they just sent it to me. They did not mention it during the sign in process so I was positively surprised. But I can’t tell you if they send it to everybody or if I just got somehow lucky.


I can see on their website that you get this voucher now when you sign up.


So what is the current consensus? I am thinking of moving from PF or switching to PF plus because the costs are the same.
The Nextbank offer looks good and even has no charges if you move abroad which might be attractive in the future. Any potential pitfalls to that account?


I tried the CA-NextBank, but I cannot really recommend it.

I will keep some savings on their saving account (1% with some conditions, or 0.5% / 0.2%), but I really don’t see myself using their e-banking for everyday needs. Their e-banking is horrible, not safe and ugly.
I have an account with them for 2 weeks and they already charged me fees they shouldn’t have had.

I am trying Raiffeisen (Sociétariat Member Plus) for everyday use:

  • free account,
  • Maestro for free in the first year,
  • and currently 2% interest rate on the “membership” share which can be between 200 CHF and 10000 CHF),
  • additionally 500 Swiss museums for free and discounts for concerts and skiing.


Thanks for the update. I can still really recommend BCV for your CHF needs. I now switched everything from Postfinance to them. The online/mobile banking is just as good in some parts even better than Postfinance. For example they have E-Bill with configurable automatic release, payments are executed the same day etc… They are just a little slow in responding to messages in their Online banking, otherwise there is really nothing I can complain about other than their somewhat mediocre main website. I get unl. free withdrawals at KB and 1x/m at any ATM. So far not a single fee. Also I only need to deposit 10k and can put the rest where it belongs (stocks :money_mouth_face:)

For € I use DKB with 0.2% interest and unlimited free withdrawal worldwide at any currency. (Visa Rate)


no BCV in Zurich area :frowning:


I live in Zurich and I use BCV as my primary bank… I never had to physically go to a bank in my life. So I don’t care where its located physically. You can open the BCV account completely online and sign with Mobile ID.

Also other than doing cash in-payments I don’t see why one would need to set foot into a bank. But this you could also do in any other bank. (might incur small charge) Maybe someone can clarify for me why so many need a physical bank?


I was talking about ATMs actually. I checked on their website and they did not show any ATMs in Zurich. No need for a physical bank location tbh


The Kantonalbanken have an agreement with each other for free ATM withdrawal rights. You can withdraw unlimited for free with BCV at any ZKB ATM if you need to withdraw more than once a month.


Thank you :slight_smile: I was not aware of this. I guess I did not understand the KB part in your earlier post.


Does the e-code device come included in the BCV account opening? I see they charge 45.- for them.


I use the BCV Mobile App on my Phone for Two Factor Authentication. It uses a QR Code and is really fast compared to Mobile ID that Postfinance uses.



If you have a not too old smartphone then you don’t need the “e-code device”.