Portfolio Tracker / Analysis: Morningstar’s Portfoliomanager / Instant x-ray vs Others

I still have difficulties using IB to track my portfolio performance / allocation. And Viac is not included in IB anyway. So i tried this free program from Morningstar.ch (under tool):

  1. Portfoliomanager
  2. Instant x-ray

I find 1. okeish, but 2. is really cool: allows you to see the sector / regional allocations of your global portfolio.

What do you guys use?


Is it free again?!

I used the tool before it stopped working. Now I calculate everything with Excel

Yes it is free.

Big minus:
account on morningstar.com gives only access to us listed products (VT ok, Viac not ok, VWRL not ok), while morningstar.ch (or any europe i suppose) gives only acces to non-us listed (VT not ok, vwrl ok, viac ok).

So i use the ch site and listed Vwrl instead of vt. Close enough.

The portfoliomanager is not that great, which surprised me since morningstar is well known (maybe paid account is better).
But the instant x-ray works really well. You first have to create a portfolio or a watch list, then x-ray. I did a watch list bc it is possible to list the assests according to % of portfolio (not necessary to enter amount of shares).

So xray is really good to check the sector / regional / value / size allocations of your portfolio. To follow the performance i would love to find smth else (or excel until now).

For example my global portfolio:


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Did you try the “PortfolioAnalyst” in IBKR? It does show the geographic allocation as well as a sector allocation.

Yes. But it does not include my 3a assets (Viac).

What about the “own” Sheets + DataStudio approach?
TBFair I don’t care that much for the ultra-live info on VIAC funds, but the rest is pulled through normal GOOGLEFINANCE functions.

… what about Portfolio Performance? www.portfolio-performance.info


Why Refinitiv and not the preinstalled Yahoo Finance Query?

You are right they changed the source :laughing: they had Yahoo Finance a few months ago

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