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I’m somewhat sceptic about the “Enjoy Fruit” and “Eat Greens” parts. With almost all farming seeds being genetically modified to some extent (e.g. Monsanto stuff that only grows exactly once and doesn’t carry any seeds itself) and the use of mandatory fertilizer and pesticides put everything plant based on a suspect list for me. Sure all the medicine in highly industrialized meat production and the micro-plastics in almost all liquids don’t help either with life expectancy.

Out of curiosity are you at an age where midlife-crisis could start to show up?

So I got a dog, and I now have the recipe for happiness (and sleeplessness): get a damn dog!

For or against sleeplessness aka insomnia? He keeps you awake all night howling or he makes you sleep like a log by cuddling up to you in your bed?

This is such a bullshit statement.

Either they mean to imply, that in expectation these tips will increase your life expectancy by 20 years. Which is clearly not true.

Or they simply mean, that “With this tips, you might be able to live 20 years longer than our estimate”. Which is trivially true. But it’s also true without the tips.

Or you might think it means “With these tips , you increase the probability of living 20 years longer than our guess”. Which might be true. But if true it’s likely also true for living 5, 10, 15 or 30 years longer, revealing how arbitrary the 20 years number really is.

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He probably lives in an apartment and have to get up to let his dog go out.

Dog = good,
dog in an apartment = slepless (and mayb enot that good for the dog)

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Well, I guess the point is not “Eat crappy quality Fruit” or “Eat Greens full of psticides”.

I’m 32, but I feel a bit like 40, so I’d say - yes (btw. see this thread).

Theoretically, they put a different weight on different aspects of your lifestyle that translate into different amount of life expectancy years, but I’m not religious about their model. I just think it might make sense to live a little bit like the people who live the longest and are the healthiest on this planet. I know correlation is not causation, but science provide enough evidence that lifestyle (diet, physical fitness, psychological well-being, etc) is major factor in life expectancy and overall health. So, I don’t care if it’s 19.8 years or even 1 year, as long as I can improve the probability of living a healthier and longer life (and presumably happier life, because I don’t know many people who are seriously ill and they are happy in the same time).

Well I got a puppy so the first weeks are all about potty training and waking up in the middle of the night, hence sleeplessness. But mostly happiness :slight_smile:


I do, but I’m curious how you would do it even in a house, leave it outside all the time?

That should only be for a few weeks, so I’m not really worried, but your comment concerns me, why do you think a flat would not suit a dog?

I’m surprised by the amount of negativity about changing one’s lifestyle (or am I misunderstanding something here?). I thought on a forum about an alternative financial lifestyle there would be more understanding (or at least a faint interest).

Of course it is about eating something other than pesticides! Some would even argue that greens you buy outside of the weekly market does not even qualify as fruit/vegetable. If you’re serious about that, you can of course also grow them by yourself (quite easily, to be honest). Laziest way to do it: Hugelkultur, see here and here.


I can recommend the ‘Ernährungskompass’ by Bast Kast, there should be an english version in early 2021. The book takes several studies into conderation, one time milk is deadly, one time it will lead to eternal life. He challanges the sponsors of the studies as well. I have changes my diet from 7x meat per week to 2x. I don’t need to be ‘green’, but I want to feel energetic as long as I can. Undortunatly, I started to smoke 5 years ago after a breakup…I try to stop but it’s insane how a human body can get addicted :frowning: i’ve stopped for 9 months but relapsed. Anyway, healthy diet shows above average life expactancy in Japan for example. We don’t want to waste our hard earned RE lifestyle, do we :slight_smile:


Ideally you can give your dog the possibliity to roam outside and have a safe shelter somewhere. For the winter you might need a place that can stay above a certain temperature.

If you don’t have an apartment dog (those mini dogs), a dog would be better living outdoor. Having said that, I believe the theory might be the same used for humans; it should be better for our health to exercise regularly etc. etc. So for your dog, it might be 100% happy being in an apartment, but he is silently getting a couch potato :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why they pile that instead of flattening it.

The slope causes an uneven distribution of water. At ground level you have much more water than at the top, so plants can search their optimal growing spot over the first few years.

Many of the things they do in permaculture is about creating variable soil so that every plant/animal can find its own little spot where it likes its surroundings.

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So if you plant your tomatoes in the wrong places it might die or not grow correctly

Tried and tested, I can recommend!

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Yep, just like in the regular garden with pretty much every plant. But if you plant them at the bottom on the south side (tomatoes like lots of sun and water iirc), you probably don’t have to do anything.

I would never leave a puppy outside alone, I don’t think anyone should. But once it’s grown up, a nice outside area is definitely a must.
I wish my dog could become at least partially a couch potato, but I just don’t see that happening with a beagle ^^

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