People who 3d print, where do you buy your filament?

Prusa would be my go to but I can only get 2kg at a time to stay under the taxable limit and avoid DHL’s brokerage fee (which costs more than a roll of filament), and it works out around 25 eur/kg for PLA.

Do you have a good domestic source of filament that is of good quality but not overpriced to recommend?

I found the “PLA Pro-Filament - Budget” on . They are still shipped internationally, but it seems pretty cheap that it’s worth it. I have never tried it though, so I can’t say much about the quality.

Thanks. I’d be curious to know how the filament is like to use.

While I don’t have a 3-D printer, I can also recommend Reichelt.

No Swiss premium in pricing, fast (but international) shipping and the import / VAT is taken care of.

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