Paying and ATM in Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica

Hi the comunnity,

Hope everyone is having a great sunday.

I ll be heading to central America for a month. I’ve researched about using the Revolut card in these countries and I ve found some contradictory informations.

So here my demands to you,

  • do you know if I can pay with my Mastercard in Guatemala, Belize and Costa Rica?
  • do you know if I can withdraw at ATMs in Guatemala, Belize and Costa Rica?

Thank you for your kind answers.

In Costa Rica I had no problems with MC from Viseca (in 2012). Should be the same with Revolut.
Belize/Guatemala: been there in 2005 so my memories are a little bit foggy… don’t recall having particular problems with credit cards anyway

Thank you. It s already a lill something:-)

Enjoy your holidays ! :sunglasses:
If you love nature I would dedicate most of the time to Guatemala and Costa Rica (Belize OK for the beaches)

I did pay in all these three countries without issue.

I withdraw in costa Rica everywhere without problema but didn’t try in Guatemala and Belize.

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