Pando by SwissLife - new 3a solution

As if there isn’t enought competition already on the market for 3a savings accounts, SwissLife now also wants a piece of the cake. The recently launched Pando, an App with focus on ESG investing.

They offer 35 investment strategies, but are rather expensive at 0.84% p.a. on invested capital + 0.15% fund costs, so total 0.99%. I don’t like that they are roughly double the price for VIAC and that it’s clearly a “me too” offering by an insurance which used to screw you over with savings+insurance mixed products for 3a. Nevertheless, I find it interessting that the established players really feel the pressure to act.


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  • Way too expensive
  • Insurance company is a no go (no particular reason I just don’t like insurance companies)
  • I don’t care about ESG

It’s SwissLife

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ESG funds are a joke at the expense of the client and I couldn’t find the composition of their fund. I wouldn’t be surprised if it included Nestlé.

They had the 3a Start solution already, which allows for an allocation to stocks from 15-75%, ala Frankly (they choose the funds, no flexibility - they have another option with a choice of funds which I don’t recall how it’s named).

All are very expensive, my 3a start policy had 2% frontloading (urgh!) and 1% AUM (0.25% per quarter). In this industry, fees and flexibility are key. I don’t think they can ever compete (just like standard banks, they just can’t get themselves to give up on their juicy fees).

Edit: also, I can’t seem to find a french, italian or english version of the Pando website? It’s Swisslife, I’m sure they have the means to offer these kinds of translations before launch… Worse even, the french page of their main website directs to the german Pando website…

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Could have some use if Swisslife offer mortgages and accept this new 3p solution in lieu of deposit or for indirect amortisation (no idea if this is the case)

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