Outstanding loans on Mintos by Dec 31 for tax declaration

Is there a way to see how many outstanding loans you had on Mintos by Dec 31?
It’s for the tax declaration.

I got the tax statement (which can be downloaded here) but it only states the earnings, not the actual amount of the outstanding loans.

I am gonna answer my own question here in case someone else finds it useful.

I had to contact Mintos support to get that document and they sent me a PDF stating the amount of outstanding loans in EUR by Dec 31. It took more than a week, so be patient.

I told them they should send this information out automatically.

@yetanothername Hey thanks for the tip! It’s tax period, and I’m encountering the same issues.
I am still not sure how these P2P Lending platforms should be declared in the tax report; like a bank account with interests, or Obligations, or details of all the paid loans?
Declaring all the individual is impossible though it looks like what’s expected.
I would be interested to know if you have more info!

@Trainsputin I just did it pragmatically and listed all the assets and all earnings by Dec 31. The earnings should technically be weighted by the exchange rate on the day where you got them, but this is just too much work.
Unless you have tens of thousands of assets in Mintos, I don’t think that should be a problem.

If you live in the Kanton of Zurich, you can do it like this:

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Thanks a lot. Indeed it looks like it’s the simplest way to do it, which reflects the reality of the income. In my Tax software (GE), we don’t have the Übrige account type, but I’ll set it to something like ‘Receivables and loans’, it’s only a categorization, the form is the same anyways.