Optimize credit card cash back with Twint

How about using Twint and a cash back credit card: When you use twint you can send or receive money from others also using twint. When you receive money, it goes to your bank account, no other possibility. When you send money though , you can choose if your bank account or your credit card is charged…so using a cash back cc could be veery interesting here: you could send cash to a trusted person (max amount is the cc limit). Anyone already tried?

I haven’t (and wont). Quoted from the terms and conditions (https://www.cashback-cards.ch/en/cashback/):

Cashback on card payments
Except for fees, interest, back-charges, outstanding payments, cash withdrawals, bank transfers, credits and spending on the lottery, betting or casinos.

I wouldn’t risk a ban from Swisscard.

The way I understand this they would not ban you, you just would not get any cashback on a twint payment.

I also think the same way. You can still still use your card for everything, they will just limit your cashback. For instance, cash withdrawals not will not get you banned! But you won’t get any money back.

Even if it worked. UBS Twint limits the monthly spending which comes from a credit card to CHF 500.- for the cards, AmEx is not accepted, so you can use cumulus, supercard etc with 0.3%-ish cashbacks. So you’ll get around CHF 1.50 monthly. Up to you if this is worth all the fuss.

You can do that using Revolut instead…

Not longer works with revolut. Swisscard not get any cashback