Notice rent period

Do you know if handing notice to landlord is 3 months from the day of notice or 3 months starting from end of that month? (Basically like at work)

And is it Ok to do so via email if you have a good relationship?


You should check your rent contract.
In most places you can only end the agreemwnt on 3 specific dates per year (31.03. / 30.06. / 30.09.) and you need to send the notice at least 3 months in advance.

I would not do it via E-Mail even if you have a good relationship.

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Notice must be given in written form and signed by all tenants.

A notice of termination given via email or only signed by one partner is void.

Notice period is as specified in the contract, usually per end of month, but local customs must be followed as well (e.g. as mentioned in some cantons it is only possible 3 times per year).

You can always get out of the contract earlier if you can provide at least one follow-up tenant that is willing to take over your contract. The follow-up tenant must be reasonable e.g. be in good credit standing. In Zurich this is usually not a big deal at all.


Yes 3 months at the end of the month. You can ignore the 3 specific dates per year if you find a future tenant yourself. You will need to give the details of at least 2 inerested tenants and then the landlord is forced to let you go at any month.