New low-cost third pillar proposal from UBS by means of passive funds

Hello guys,
in the past days I have seen that a new proposal of low-cost third pillar has been made from UBS.
In detail, finally, also UBS decided to provided Passive investment strategies. Here the link of the most extreme product, with 100% stocks. on the contrary I have seen they offer a series of funds, very similar to the various Fintech companies (VIAC, Finpension,…).

If what I see there is confirmed, it seems now to be very competitive against the above mentioned Fintech companies. 0.25%+0.18%=0.43%.
Just as a reference, VIAC is now the Global 100 at 0.45%.

If confirmed, this may be very positive news for us (the customer), yet quite challenging for the various fintech. any comment?
Do you expect also Credit Suisse to follow? Now CS is providing some passive fund (up to 75%), but costs are still on the order of 1%.

Do you guys see any trap o could not identify?

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Very good news for indirect amortization on mortgages.

From their Pillar 3a custody account factsheet: “In the case of the UBS Vitainvest Passive fund, an annual management fee of 0.65% is charged.”

0.65% would still put them a bit high compared to already available options.

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It’s 0.25% + 0.65%, so 0.90% in total.


thanks Wolverine. very clear. can you please attach here the fachsheet you mention?

Then, you guys all conclude that for the moment the old fashion banks are still faraway from the fintech? Do you forecast any change in the near future?

From their page: Pillar 3a custody account with investment funds | UBS Switzerland

For the time being, old fashion banks seem to be less efficient in regards to invested 3a solutions. No idea if it will hold for the future.

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