New Investor strategy

Hello Everyone,

First time I make a post so I am going to introduce myself. I am 27 years old,I have a master degree in management (Finance-Accounting-European Business) and I work in a Bank. I 've read a couple books about financial Markets and I’m totally convinced that an investor cannot beat the market (at least a normal person, and I consider myself a normal person).

Another thing that I keep from my reading is to have a simple strategy is key to passive investing. So what I plan to do is to invest 1000CHF per month in the VWRL ETF in EUR. The reason why is I’m using Degiro as a broker so this is part from the list of free etf. First question, I saw that the currency of the etf is not very important so I can buy this ETF in chf or is it better in eur? (I think that it doesnt matter but just need a confirmation)

Moreover, I plan to invest in my 3a with VIAC, 568.- per month. The problem is that I think the global 100 Strat is not good for the diversification of your portfolio because they overweight the SMI.
What do you think of the following split :
SPI extra 34 %
SMI 3%
CSIF World Ex Ch 30 %
CSIF World ex Ch Small caps 15%
CSIF Emerging Markets 15%

What do you think about my strategy ? What can I do better or different ?

Best Regards

Hello and welcome,
Regarding Vwrl on Degiro i will let others give their opinion.
Regarding viac:

  • 3% smi and 34% spi extra: you basically give a wild card to Sprüngli and ignore Roche etc (i know the big 3 is also in vwrl, but still)…
  • small cap: if you search this fund on mirningstar you will see it is “small blend”. So you do not have the value premium. More on that on YouTube: ben felix. I do not think it is a bad strategy, but i am not sure it is the best. And of course: if small cap underperform the next 10y, are you sure you are gonna keep it?
    My strategy: 12 smi 25 spi extra 50 world 10 em.
    But i think 30-50 world 10-30 em 12-25 smi 12-25 spi is all ok (considering you have vwrl).

Thank you for you input i will study a little bit more the subject. Other toughts about the subject maybe ?