Neon Crowdinvesting

I’ve received an email from Neon about the possibility of buying non-voting shares.

Has somebody thought about buying some?

Didn’t register to look at the details, but isn’t the entry ticket 500k? (So would be for people with significant net worth, I doubt it make sense to invest more than 5-10% of your net worth in term of risk)

No, this is the minimum funding of all investors combined, as I understand it. Minimum per investor is 3 non-voting shares à CHF 169, i.e. CHF 507. Maximum per investor is 295 non-voting shares, i.e. CHF 49’855.


How to sell shares once you have bought them?

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Krypto Tokens via Sygnum ( (Paywall))

The “digital stock exchange” side looks much like work-in-progress… Or did I miss something?

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