Neon and emails

Does Neon send emails other than adverts ? For example e-bill warnings?
I don’t like to receive only push messages. I had a bad experience with another app that somehow forgot to send a push warning.

They send you emails. You can configure the details or disable the emails in the eBill portal.

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Those are sent by SIX, eBill provider.

Interesting. PF do it directly.

Probably you don’t have eBill warnings set up in eBill itself (embedded app). My guess is that PF does it additionally.

I get them from

Ah, those are adverts?

I always thought that I was too old to understand those e-mails, filled with emojis to the point of being unreadable, where they were telling me how unbelievably excited and thrilled they were about things that i could barely understand.