Need advice on organising bank accounts

Hi all,

So the title says it all…more or less. I’d like some advice on organising my GF’s and mine accounts. At the moment I am with a bank that will soon start to charge me for my account which I want to avoid so I opened a Zak and Neon accounts. But I’d also like to open a joint account with my GF so we can share some of our finances.

My plan is the following:

  • Use Zak as a primary account where I will receive my salary
  • Use Neon as a secondary account if need be
  • Use Migros bank as a joint account with two debit cards which both of us can use for grocery shopping and shared costs
  • Use another Migros bank account for my personal savings

Does this make sense to you? I could also keep all my savings on the Zak or Neon account but I’d like to avoid that as I’d like to avoid having a card that is linked with all my savings. Makes sense as well?

Thanks in advance!

As far as I understood Zak does support shared “Pots” which can act like a joint account. So both of you would have individual Zak accounts with their own card and then the shared pot.
Not sure how easy or complicated accounting would be in that case (e.g. can the transactions be moved to the pot later or does one have to balance the difference themselves?)


Do you plan to stay with your GF for the rest of your life ? If so, just opened a joint account for all of your common expenses (grocery, rent, healt insurance, etc.) and savings. And a neon account for your strictly personnal expenses (shopping, hairdresser, etc.). In my view, it will be easier to have 1-2 accounts instead of having 3-4.

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We use four (2 amex and 2 mastercards) cashback credit cards for joint expenses and each pay half of the bill.

I try to be lean (not really there, but it works without much effort) and I take advantage of the budget visualization on PF
one person* al for each (in my case Neon, my wife PF) for our monthly allowances

  • one join PF for general that receives both salaries → Credit card link
  • one for euros (just for holidays and online purchases) → card linked too
  • Other for budget support(more optional(removed automatically form the general each month)
    ** taxes
    ** mortgage
    ** house renovations
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