Nasdaq Golden Dragon China

Heavy losses recently on the Chinese nasdaq exchange. Probably downward pressure for a another quarter.

Is anyone entering or doubling now on the Chinese nasdaq?

If so, are you using ETF or mutual funds? Do you know if 2x/3x ETF on Chinese nasdaq exist?


Check out the MSCI China All Shares Technology ETF…

Why focus only on Chinese tech market?

If you are interested in a more broad market for China, I find this ETF a good match for a very fair TER of 0.30%, have a look:


Tech in China was down 20-30% from ATH. Looks like a good opps for a rebound

is this ETF available to CH investors? JustETF tells me it‘s brand new, inception 11.06.21.

Looks like all china is also around in the range of 25% down from all time high (based on a quick look at the ATH of the HSBC MSCI China ETF I mentioned above).

Yep, there is a nice falling knife on the China index :slight_smile: As it said, don’t try to catch a falling knife…

But it coule be interesting to buy the dip or close to the dip.

Yes it has a listing on the six

Ramin has just published a video today about the current dip on Chinese markets you might be interested:

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Why not this instead which has a lower TER?


Thank you all.

At the end, I just topped up (market timing ops!) Vanguard ESG Emerging Markets that has over 50% concentration btw China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Nice pick, the TER of 0.19% is fantastic. Never saw such a cheap ETF in terms of TER for China… What bothers me though is the assets under management is only CHF 178m. If this ETF does not work out as the managers planed it is quite likely that it will be shutdown. For people like me who also use DEGIRO it is unfortunately not on the list of free ETFs.

Does it make a big difference if you like the ETF ?

Degiro is cheap. They will charge 2€+0.03%. An investment of USD 3’000 will cost USD 2.9 or 0.0967%. It seems reasonable to me.

Totally agree, it doesn’t make much difference, it is just the cherry on the cake if the ETF you would like to buy is on the list of free ETFs. What really costs with DEGIRO are the FX fees, the rest is negligible as you say.

Interesting, what symbol does that ETF have and on which stock exchange do you buy that one?


I buy it on UBS custody account. I try not to buy anything else on UBS but only on IB. But I already had an open position on vanguard EM ESG so I just topped up for convenience

I am finding 0.25% at ETFs and index funds.
And it’s not just China (43.6% of it).

I was holding EMQQ so far, but this certainly seems like a nice drop-in sub for it nevertheless, as it is significantly cheaper.

But it seems to be an index fund rather than an ETF?

I should have been more precise here: I was referring to @kseniteas ETF mentioned above, the Franklin FTSE China with link the justETF (symbol: FLXC). That one is really 100% China and with a TER of 0.19%.

For my portfolio EMQQ is a no go as it would be a tilt to the technology sector which I have enough of. The TER of 0.86% scares me too, call me a cheapo :wink:

The ETF or should I say fund which @SteveDB mentions from Vanguard seems more to be a mutual fund, nevertheless still passively managed and for a reasonable TER of 0.25%.


Agree on the tech side but agree less on the TER. I think sometime we are over terrorized by fees. In the US, I agree the market is efficient or close to that and I would hardly buy anything outside VT beside for fundsmith or dodge & Cox. However in some eu markets and emerging markets. Especially the latter, some managers still deliver alpha. Technically it’s not right thing to do for mustachian or Bogle head but if you want to venture in that direction, I would consider funds or ETF around 1% TER

Agree, in some cases the TER makes sense if they can be fairly justified. I must confess I also invest into Fundsmith where the TER is at 1.05%. There are other asset classes of ETFs which have higher costs due to their nature such as commodity ETFs.

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