Mustachian way for coffee?

Hi all

I am wondering how you handle your daily coffee intake.

For now, we do own a nespresso machine with a milk steamer. I’m not buying the original Nespesso capsules because they can get very expensiv if you drink around 2-5 coffees a day. So what i’m doing is order capsules from other brands online where i am paying the half price (eg. 2.50.- per 10 capsules) whilest still have a tasty coffee.

Right now i am preferring Jacobs and L’Or - both 2.50.- per 10 coffees.

How do you manage your coffee consume? What machine do you use?


A pot (or a kettle at most). :slight_smile:

I make it “turkish” style, or with a moka.
My gf likes the “specialty” filter coffee.

At home, where I drink waaaay too many of them, I’m making mugs of Incarom (not real coffee, I know) with heaps of sugar.

Otherwise, my mustachian policy would be an italian coffeemaker and reducing my coffee intake.

I’m using an Aeropress (42.-) together with a steel filter from alibaba (2.-).
Mostly drinking the Bio Marimba beans from Coop (16.-/kg). Whenever I feel fancy I buy some “terroir” beans from Roesterei.
I’m “grinding” the coffee with an old spice blender, which is adequate and quick.

Only drinking 1-2 coffees a day, otherwise I get a serious withdrawal headache whenever I want to stop :smiley:

Moka pot + electronic coffee grinder = perfection.

Puck/capsule systems are wasteful and tie you to system that only a limited number of companies adopt (and your local roastery likely not!). I get their utility in an office lunch room or a hotel room, but for home use it strikes me as lazy.

Do you have one to recommend?
Was looking at this boy, but not sure of its quality, or if there is something better yet budget-alike.

We have a 30Fr one from Fust. Adjustable grind, but it won’t quite get to Turkish coffee grain size. I don’t see any need for something fancier. The big jump in quality is going from pre-ground coffee to freshly ground coffee. We also keep our whole beans in the freezer once the package is open.

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We have a grinder and mostly use a French press or a Moka pot. I also have a vacuum pot for bigger batches. I don’t like the taste of pod coffee and many of the pod systems are terrible for the environment. The downside with the other types is that they require more time/effort.

If you end up getting a coffee grinder, don’t go cheap. The cheaper ones don’t last that long and may not even be proper burr grinders. Some of the cheap ones have blades chopping up the beans and you can’t adjust the grind. Decent burr grinders start around 70-80 CHF range. We have a grinder from Bodum. They also have a cheaper one but it’s a blade grinder.

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At home, I’ve a Solis coffee machine with an integrated grinder.

I’m buying my beans (Movenpick espresso) at Aligro around 16 chf/kg.

For the office, I’m using a Nespresso machine with a reusable capsule. The filling and washing are a small pain but I’m happy to select the coffee I like and regularly trying new ones from a small coffee boutique.

… coming from the convenience of nespresso, I wanted to stick to a “pre-portion” system:

I use De’Longhi espresso machine (Dedica) - but instead of E.S.E. pads I use the much cheaper “Senseo pads” from, resulting in 1.35 CHF per 10 coffes (19 CHF/Kg) - and yes: These pads and E.S.E. pads are not the same (diameter, pressure, …) but the pads fit quite OKish and I’m happy with the result :wink:

Do you drink coffee for the caffeine or for the taste?
Maybe the way to go is caffeine pills :thinking: