Mustachian side hustles

As we said in another thread, here is a post about side hustles you can do while FIREd in Switzerland.

I think some of the point on that site are a bit difficult to implement here since people tend to look for people with a diploma to do anything.


Plus the “offline market” is orders of magnitude smaller (than in the US, for which the list was I believe constructed) for plenty of those ideas, in order for them to make a decent buck.
But good to have a reference for ideation. :slight_smile:

Some time ago I created a Udemy course. Nothing great, and I didn’t put any effort into promoting it, but it still earns a tiny amount per month. I tried putting some more time into it and got solid results for a few hours per month but don’t have the time at the moment.

For the ones that posted in this thread: Topic for TEDx talk? That might be a starting point for creating a small course


I use my blog to collect some business ideas for FIRE that come to my mind from time to time:

I’d personally would probably like to do something creative with music…

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Re your Mobile-First Restaurant Idea:

Something similar already exists: Turbolama

Something always exists. Don’t get discouraged.

One of my ideas has been made some years after I had it. I think it’s called . I stopped developing it because I’m lazy and can’t do all on my own, but the fact that a company in New York survives with a similar idea was just a confirmation that the idea works.

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Thanks for the link to that restaurant. It’s very likely that there are a few ideas which are already implemented by some creative individuals but I had more the platform angle in mind. E.g. offering a service for restaurants to digitalize their in-store service.

I didn’t want to discourage anyone. If it works, it can be perfected. If it has already been perfected you can probably survive if you add some twist. :slight_smile:
(I just posted it because the article asked for examples of these businesses already existing.)

I recently had the idea of a restaurant that is fully digital and the customers can select how the restaurant develops over time.
(e.g. start with a kitchen and a white room and then let the customers choose between different design option, between different cuisines and then gradually adjust this over time)

Having everything digital you could incentivise honest feedback (10% off your meal if you click through some choices), something a lot of restaurants struggle with getting.

But I’m unsure how you could pull this off so that it actually captures the preferences of customers vs. just being a gimmick.



One effective way is also to learn a skill in demand. I make 1500CHF/month as a side hustle taking care of digital marketing and honestly since I am paid according to the value provided it doesn’t take a huge amount of time. Looking to increase it to see if i can handle more.

As for the diploma comment, I had the same assumptions, but it is actually not the case. It is true if you apply for work the traditional way, but as an entrepreneur it’s a totally different thing. What really count is the result and experience. That being said, the hardest part is to get the first client. For anyone interested I recommend doing the first gig for free in exchange of a testimony. That’s how I did it and no one ever ask me if I had a diploma or whatever in digital marketing (and I don’t have one, it is actually pretty usless to hold one in this field that changes constantly…).

yesssss, thank you, I always thought this was a great idea and never found nowhere where I could do this.

Ideas are somewhat easy to come by, implementation and grit to pursue the dream is a whole other story! It’s very easy to copy most things (ok, except patent stuff or very complex). Often times the first movers are not the winners.

As I side hustle, I have a mandate as curator (i.e. helping people that are temporarily or permanently unable to do their paperwork and/or fulfill their obligations because of physical of psychic condition, Beistandschaft in german).
In canton Watt you can apply voluntary. It is loosly paid (CHF 1800/year) but you can cumulate up to 10 mandates.
All you have to be able, is having average admin skills and a bit of a “social” fiber. It can be a great human experience.


I’m dreaming of dedicating more time to music too! But making it a source of money… doesn’t seem easy at all. There’s so much offer out there!

Hehe, being in IT I would certainly try to abuse Assistants like Google Home and Alexa by calling my Songs “Some Music”, “Next Song”, “Previous Song” which then might get played because the code interprets “Hey Google, Play the next song” as a request for my stuff :wink:

It’s like nobody thought of this :wink: Or naming your restaurant “Best Pizza”.


Might sound strange, but can you guys consider trading, like Forex swing trading or crypto staking, as an interesting/valide side hustle? I’m not talking about gambling with stocks or just use playmoney to hope be at the right time at the right place for the next TSLA or GME, but to construct a real algorithm in place with strong money management ?

With the objective to create some money out of it while still increase your chance to be at the right time at the right place for a lucky draw and add some $ in your portfolio…?

Or maybe I’m totally delusional?

The questions I would ask myself:

  • What form of the efficient market hypothesis does or doesn’t apply to forex trading?
    (There’s quite some literature on this.)
  • If the markets are (to some degree) inefficient, can I make a profit exploiting the inefficiency?
    (For exampe, betting markets often look inefficient or irrational. But it’s often still hard to make money off of it, because of the fees involved.)

If you’re actually successful with it, you don’t need another job.

Well yes and no. It all depends on how much money I can use/invest in this setup. If I have a great algorithm and manage to do a stellar 10% benefits per year, but my initial investment is 1k, I’m not quite yet to give the middle to my 9-to-5 corporate job yet…

Even though, it can take couple of years at least of hard work to put an efficient system in place… for what I understand now with my current sub-par knowledge. But if I have success and keep finding it passionate about it after 2-3 years, why not think about a transition indeed.

Indeed I can hit the lottery, but that’s what it is, the lottery. Something you’re glad it happen but not something you should plan for. I’m trying hard to keep the emotion out of it :slight_smile:

A lottery is also a game where, by design, you’re supposed to lose money… :wink:
I think it’s not very likely to develop an algorythm that gives you good returns, especially as a side gig…you’re competing with the best mathematicians working full time for the big hedge funds out there

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