Mustachian app(s)


there is a per scan cost. 8 cents.
Still not optimal.
The free software I know it’s not that good (tesseract)



In what way is it not so good ?

By the way, I just stumbled opon that Wiki page, I don’t know if that helps…



The results are not precise enough. It could be a good starting point, but then you have to do a lot of homework with AI probably.

I did try with a simple photo of a receipts and it was really hard to have a simple “description”-> “price” line.

You can try by yourself if you wish. Tesseract is easy to use.



Recently I discovered

It’s a booklet or an app with discounts for a given city. It costs 50 CHF and gives you 2 for 1 deals at restaurants and other facilities. The deals are often limited to 30 CHF, but I still think it’s cool. If you like to check out restaurants with your partner on the weekend, this could easily save you a few hundred CHF per year.

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There’s tesseract if you want to roll your own OCR and as fonts on those low-quality paper/print receipts are usually very OCR friendly it should work just fine. Using the JS version of it is on the todo list for my own app. JS because I won’t want those receipts on my servers.

Austria has very pretty QR codes (alternatively urls) that give you a bunch of meta data in a easy to work with format.

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I did try tesseract and the result is still a mess. I tried with a picture taken from my phone, which is the use case I’d like to support.



On the battle field of smartphone cameras, bad lighting, too thin paper and shaky hands OCR will also have a hard time. And then there’s the questions how’s the data formatted, which number means what.



Well, as long as the data are 1 to 1 to what you see, it’s not hard to extract the information. The problem is really how to manage to have each line read correctly.



Just to throw in my 2 cents:

  1. The Fork (or, la fourchette) - helps you save on restaurants in CH, FR, PT and other countries and it’s 100% free
  2. Todoist - for tasks, very good UI
  3. TWINT for fast free cashless payments
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I switched from Evernote to Bear App. The subscription is cheaper and the app is faster. Apple only though so not for everyone