Mr.RTF's Blog - Un petit Blog en Français

Hi folks,

I am a 25 years old consultant working in Zurich. I started my professional life last September 2017 and decided to launch a blog from my first day at and regularly report on my mistakes and achievements on my path to FIRE. I first published content in english but I recently switched to French (my mother tongue), due to the lack of time…

I am now commited to my blog and will publish content every week (hopefully). My blog is still a work in progress but I aim to make improve it in the coming months! My net worth is about 37K and I aim to save tons of cash in 2018 :smiley:

Don’t hesitate to check it out, and feel free to give me an honest feedback, it would be much appreciated.


I really enjoy seeing this community emerge in Switzerland and spread the good word of financial independence!



you should put a favico.ico or we’ll see your hosting provider. Not that it matters :slight_smile: