Moving to CH, looking for advice on a "bank setup": Neon + Migros?

Cumulus mastercard does have a free insurance.
Alle Vorteile | Migros (de/fr/it)

There is an addon on that that you have to pay. (Read the fine print about that free insurance. It might not cover all you need)
rant mode: If you read the exclusions it sounds a lot like a bs insurance: the exclusion is in case of natural events, strikes, terrorism. Basically they won’t cover much and what it’s covered is probably already covered by your health insurance. I still use them to pay my flights though. It would be nice to start a list of event insured.
Also I think 99% if insurances are like this.

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BCV credit card you receive with the family does have insurance too. Travel and a one year additional warranty for items you buy with the cards.
If you buy a TV with BCV mastercard, warranty is 3 years instead of 2.

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