Mortgage questions

Hi, friends

I’m (Swiss 35M, single income with housewife, no kid) looking to buy a house somewhen. I saw some interesting offers in the range of 500k-600k. (small house, not in popular areas) I’m willing to put 200k-300k as down payment. It’s an emotional decision. We’re frugal, live in a low rent condo so probably better off renting financially (considering investment etc.) We’re generally interested in FI but don’t aim for early retirement.

I just met the affordability criteria when I got a new job a year ago but we have 150k in savings and 500k from inheritance. (Will inheritance money be an issue? It’s not a gift. My dad passed away.) My new gross annual income is 116k, net 99500. We saved 50k this year after paying tax in advance. My wife can resume freelance work if needed but so far we’re fine.

Do you guys know any mortgage providers that ask for just one year of tax return & bank statements & salary certificate? When they check your credit, do they go back many years? Do they check the statements we submit or online in the system? Do past salaries also have to meet criteria in every year?

Also, has anyone bought outright and come out ok with taxes? I heard that if your house has low tax value, owning 100% is manageable tax-wise.

Thank you!

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