More than 1 Car Tax Declaration

Hi there,

I‘m currently completing online Zurich taxes and I‘m facing an issue with car (Motorfahrzeug). I can only enter one car but no possibility to add another one. However this is also part of the assets and I cant just leave it out. Did anybody to manage add several vehicles?

Thank you!

You can declare the second car on the line “30.6 Übrige Vermögenswerte”.

Thank you so much Jay! Still strange that its not very up-to-date given many people have more than one vehicle.

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It’s to make you think about it, that it isn’t normal to have more than one vehicle. Repeatedly, every year.


Touché! I was meaning that a household has more than one vehicle. But yes, maybe Tax authority is pushing the FIRE mentality on its tax payers hahaha.

And yes, I‘m currently in the process selling my motorbike in order to be aligned with the Tax authority dictate of only one vehicle :smile:

I once called the tax office with this question, they explained that I should just compute the current value of both cars and write the sum. Other related fields e.g. the model of the car are optional and can be left blank.