Micro-investment ideas for newbies?

I would love to hear some ideas about worthwhile ways for people with no or very limited finacial expertise to invest up to CHF 100/month. Any suggestions?

The best way would probably be the postfinance global mutual fund. It has an high ter 0.8% but you can easily invest small amount of money every month.

You get 100 chf credit if you start investing until may 2018 so that should offset the higher ter the first years

Use a funds-account to skip the subscription/ transaction fees. Can be with any financial institution, some have smaller, some have larger platform. If you want to start with CHF 1,000 per month instead of CHF 100, click here https://www.ubs.com/microsites/savesmart/de/form.html and submit your creative saving idea before 18/02/2018 in order to win one of 3 UBS funds-saving-accounts that will be funded with CHF 1,000 per month for the first year. Good start and good luck!

Take a look at TrueWealth, it’s a simple way to get started investing in ETFs. They charge 0.5% (includes transaction fees) a year plus the TER of the funds, which is usually 0.1 - 0.2%. The fact that transaction fees are included allows you to invest small amounts regularly, which makes it great for beginners. They invest in cheap ETFs (including VTI and VWO), and you can always transfer them to IB later. I’m using it as a gateway drug to get people interested in the Mustachian way. :smiley:

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They have minimum investment threshold of 8500? Not exactly micro

You could also contribute to your 3d pillar with stocks with TER of up to 0.53% at https://viac.ch and get all the tax saving benefits if you don’t mind blocking money till retirement (or other special situations like leaving the country, buying a home of starting your own business).

It depends a lot of your timeframe whether a savings account or stock ETFs or a 3a is the right thing.

So wow, thanks everyone! I had to google ter, and etf. And still have to look up vti, vwo and ib because newby…
As to the question about investing more, 100/month is what I want to start with till I gain more knowledge and confidence. The rest of the money I’m currently able to put aside basically goes into my 3a.
Learning curve, here I come!