Meeting new frugal friends in ZH

Hello, by looking at the data from the Mustachians in this forum I was pretty surprised that most of us are in the Zürich area and in the age group between 25 and 34. I moved to Zürich from Ticino last Autumn after graduating, and given the covid situation, I couldn’t socialize that much.
It’s quite sad that most of the people I meet don’t care at all about their finances and don’t even try to improve themselves…

Any frugal mustachian free for a walk? I’d like to meet new people :slight_smile:
I am 25 and Italian, main hobbies are Fitness, Investments, Cars and Scienze/Engineering.

Feel free to comment or write me a PM :slight_smile:


Why surprised?
(Benvenuto a Zurigo e sul forum)

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Grazie :slight_smile: because in Ticino it’s much easier to socialized and i feel like they even think more about their finances ( maybe because of the lower salaries ). Here i see 20 years old kids wasting all their savings on useless things instead of enjoying their lives while building their future by investing in themselves and financially as well.

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