Medium Term deposits

Hello Mustachians,

I was wondering if there are any term deposits (for 12 months - 3 years closed, without fees and interest rates in the range of 1%+) in reliable and safe banks / financial institutions…

I have found Cembra, Reiffeissen, Baloise to have attractive conditions related to that… around 1% and PF lagging behind with term deposits interests around 0.6%…

Do you know any other providers for term deposits?
Or any other reliable and stable solution for that kind of returns?

Can you get something higher than those online interest rates if you maybe negotiate in person?

To my view for instance in case someone has around 100kCHF deposits in PF gets no interest at all and is paying 144CHF yearly for account management fees!

If you would just simply deposit those money in Cembra and get 1% for 2 years with 0 fees you will get finally 2000-Chf after two years (plus not paying 144*2 = 288 chf to PF)

Are there any other risks or something not taken into consideration here?

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