Medical tourism thoughts?

Hi there,

Did anyone here think about medical tourism as a way to reduce costs? besides from the obvious dentist visit abroad :slight_smile:

I have been suffering from iron deficiency (very common for women who are sporty, vegetarian and who have had children) and have had two iron infusions in the last couple of months, each costing around 500 chf. I have a high deductible and a low monthly cost.

I also like to check things up if I get a strange sensation/pain somewhere (partly paranoia maybe haha) and these things tend to cost a lot with all the tests they do. Thankfully nothing serious have come up.

I have heard about Prague as a good option. Flights/buses there and back can be found for 100 chf.

Any thoughts? thanks!


IMHO its not very popular because of mandatory health insurance in CH. With multiple flight/hotels etc. you are usually better off just lowering your deductible for the next year to 300, do everything that needs to be done and than increase your deductible again for the next year.


Have gone to Germany a couple of times (I live near the border) for elective treatment that wouldn’t have been covered by compulsory health insurance.

Checkups and vaccinations mainly.

Though, for instance, I am still wondering if and how I would be covered by compensation schemes for vaccination injuries when getting a jab (as a non-resident abroad).

Any info on Swiss insurances that cover treatments abroad?

The only option I know of is to buy an extra travel insurance on top of your regular health insurance. I have done this at times for approx 7chf/month. But this would be for accidents/emergency cases, not for things you can schedule.

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Basic health insurance does cover all emergency treatments outside of Switzerland up to 2x the cost in CH. No additional insurance needed - usually just a money waste. Additional insurance is only required for the few countries with much higher cost, e.g. USA/Canada. If its something you can plan I don’t see a reason do to this outside of Switzerland if you have insurance here…

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