Me, myself and I

Hello everyone. Thobelani here mostly known by floska, i am a South African🇿🇦. I am 25 years living in a rented apartment (due to work). I am an african male, short and stout, a bit light skinned, i have no kids (but in a relationship), have four siblings whom i left home with mom. This is my second year working as a teacher. I decided to start investing as soon as i get hold of enough money to spare some for the future. . . I am fairly new in this investing life and i was taken by the stock and foreign exchange sorts of investments. I am invested in crypto, where i hold Xrp ripple and having shares in an online exchange which trades in btc and ltc. Also invested in South African Stock exchange (JSE). As for now my plan is to increase these bags a bit while planning and get a second job to boost my income so i could vent to a physical business where i’ll take lead of my money. My stocks are growing fairly good, i see a lot of improvement from what i started as last year may. Even though i learnt the hard way by not capitalizing an opportunity at hand, i missed the Xrp bull run. I thought maybe it was for the best as i am holding the coin not trading it. I am on my research about property and i am saving on venting to own rental apartments. . .Lol i must have said too much about myself now. Thank you


Welcome to the forum. I think Ripple is about to fall apart and recommend you to move into BTC or XLM…

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What about DOGE (Dogecoin) ?

Fall apart as in never to pick up again?? Thank you. I already feel at home

Have not looked that much into it. I just saw their bull run that happened like a week ago if not two. . . And i distanced myself from it. Maybe after the coin gets back to its normal movement i might consider

yep with all the law suits going on and stuff. I don’t see a real value in Ripple to be honest. I personally stick to the major ones (BTC, ETH).

@MrCheese how do you invest in BTC and ETH? Thru direct investment or thru some ETP?

why specifically XLM and not any other altcoin?

That’s more due to nostalgic reasons, got a 10k airdrop when XLM launched.

I have both, Binance account for day trading and ABBA as ETP for small savings of my son.

Reminds me of the upcoming airdrop for Spark. No idea when it‘ll actually hit my account :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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