Mandatory Expenses once FIREd


I’ve done a similar analysis for myself, and your list is complete for those part of expenses not under your control.

A few comments:
Wealth tax looks great in ZH. I have other places (GL) at 3x more to 5x more (BS). :+1:

I don’t feel the total return from this AHV payment is all to bad, actually (if things stay the same as at the mo).

It’s a significant expense compared to the others, so remember that the inflation on this is much higher than “normal”. Last 20 years in CH was officially +0.5% in general (if u ask me, very many things had actually negative inflation, food, beer, cars), while KK increased a whopping 4% p.a.!
Inflation is an important factor when calculating for the next 30 years, even more so when it’s not acc. to the “normal” rate.


For me, i wud actually mostly live where I pay taxes and out of those 9, apart from Switzerland, only Malaysia or NZ make the cut for me. So options limited again…
The other 6 are shtholes or shtexpensive to rent something in.
It’s funny that they mention Belgium and that Gerard Depardieu moved there for tax reasons, cudn’t have been that great - isn’t he now in Russia for tax reasons?


Because I live here now and I know it and it has a great standard of living and stability. It would be very risky to go with my wealth to a country I know nothing about.

But let’s go through your list:
9. Switzerland - expensive to live
8. Singapore - expensive, crowded, hot and humid
7. Cayman Islands - almost nobody lives there, it’s an island far away
6. Monaco - super expensive and not so easy to get in
5. Belgium - would consider it, if the sum of all taxes would really be low
4. Malaysia - seems like too far from my cultural and climate preferences
3. New Zealand - Definitely a great option, but it’s so far from Europe
2. Belize - that’s a really poor place
1, Hong Kong - super overcrowded and expensive, with China creeping in

Wonder why they don’t mention a place like Dubai or Abu Dhabi?


But they have the Chilli Crab and are less than 2 hours away from best dive sites in the world.


The bank will only check your situation before they give you the mortgage, and then again at the end of it (in case you want to renegotiate one), that is, if you don’t forget to pay the interests :).


You get a stable country where everybody gets that laughable pension to cover for their very basic needs. I find it pretty fair, and I guess it’s far less generous than most countries in the EU.


You can simulate the taxes here:
For info, the cantons with the lower taxes are ZG, SZ, OW, NW


@valarmorghulis That’s why dividend stocks are a bad idea in CH


Wow my thread was very well hijacked :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Actually noone answered precisely to my question. It would be great to know if someone lives only through dividends how much taxes he/she/it pays.
Don’t think they should tax you 30% if your income (even if through dividends) should be taxed at 5%…


But the first two responses (and others) did answer that question. Your dividends are your income and thus taxed at in your example 4.7%. Don’t forget all your other “taxes” tho wealth tax AHV KK Serafe VAT etc. It’ll be well more than your income tax hurrah :grin: