Low-risk portion of 50.000 euros

Hello everybody

I would like to add a low-risk part of 50,000 euros to my high-risk part of the portfolio (money is in a German account). Ideal for me would currently be a time deposit account with e.g. 3.6% interest p.a. (Belgium AA).

Problematic is my residence in Switzerland, which does not allow to open such accounts in Germany/Europe. Therefore, time deposits fall out of the available options.

Now I have the question, which alternative investment possibilities exist, which have similar yield expectations with similar risk?


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It allows for such accounts/term deposits. (Many) Banks may just choose not to open one for you.

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I’m not familiar with European vehicles, what would be the term of this time deposit?

To provide one of data, the bank I last had a term deposit with is currently offering 3 months @ 2.00% p.a. up to 60 months @ 3.5%.

Requiring a reference current account with the same bank - which I did open as a non-resident.

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That’s in EUR, right?

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In EUR of course, in Germany, yes.

LU0290358497 seems to return ~risk free rate.

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Back to topic.

I now decided to invest the 50,000 euros in German or European bonds.

But the question of the broker comes up. Which broker (for persons with domicile in Switzerland) would come into consideration for this. IBKR has a foreign currency account (for the Euros) but the selection of government bonds, especially German, is very small. If I am correct, Degiro and Swissquote do not offer foreign currency accounts. In my opinion, Smartbroker would be an option.

Does anyone have experience with this or knows of other brokers that would be suitable for this?


You can open an account with a EU Degiro entity, for example .de. It will be in EUR, no currency conversion needed to trade EUR bonds. From what I remember, German bonds and other bonds in EUR were available last time I looked.

Swissquote has a multicurrency account, but trading fees will be terrible.

You should also check flatex, comdirect etc.

For 50k, if it’s short term, make sure to take into account the transaction fee (most brokers who will let you trade those might have quite high fees). Alternatives could be short term bond ETFs (different risk profile but likely similar return if bond duration matches how long you’d hold).