Leasing a car or buy it with cash

This is irrelevant when comparing leasing vs buying. But I put all these costs in the google sheet that I linked before. You can plug in your numbers and figure out what is the present value of this decision.

But again, when you’re willing to spend (lose) 30k in 4 years, does it really matter the leasing savings of a couple of hundreds of CHF from various leasing offers?

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Just check AutoScout24 for Tesla Model 3. You will struggle to find a 3-year long range one under CHF 45’000. This car will not devalue by 30’000 in 4 years.

Regardless of the value of choosing the exact model of the car you want and being its first owner, the decision to cough up cash up front or to use borrowed money can have significant financial implications. In my calculation, with my parameters, the present value of leasing was about CHF 7’000 higher than paying up front. Because you get to use that money for a couple of years.

You can also calculate like this: you buy a new car for 60k and write off 80% after 10 years (my dad still has his 18-y car he bought as new). Then a 60k purchase will cost you 400 CHF per month. If instead you opt for an old 10-year car for just 20% of original price, your cost drops to 100 CHF. But maybe you need to repair it more often, so save 100 CHF more for that. So 400 vs 200, for 10 years of difference in car age. Since we’re talking new EV vs used ICE, add a diff in gas. Suddenly it’s on par.

I think the point is rather: cars are expensive, not just new cars.


Totally. CHF 150 for the garage at home, CHF 150 for the garage at work, gas/electricity, insurance, taxes, tyres, services. The difference in driving a 15 years old VW Polo and a new Tesla Model 3 isn’t even that big, especially with 35-40k km/year. Cars are just expensive in general.

But driving a new Model 3 is just way more fun :smiley:


@Bojack did you end up getting a Model Y? how did you finance this?

Hi, no I’m still renting the model 3. I wanted to wait until Berlin is producing cars with 4680 batteries, structural battery packs & front+rear casting. It looks like it might happen by the end of the year. And then add the 3-6 month wait on top of that. Plus the ever rising prices… if I do decide to buy, it’s gonna be either a loan or a leasing. But I’m a bit lost, I was expecting prices to go down :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Btw right now 1 Tesla costs as much as 100 TSLA. I guess it’s smarter to put the money in the latter, if you don’t really need a car.

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It seems that our Model 3 LR will be delivered next week. Horizon Leader (the ship it’s on) arrived today in Slowenia.

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haha brilliant!

I am planning to get a Y LR after the summer break but this info on the Berlin manufacturing is interesting… and it might make me reconsider when I order mine as I have no real urgency. Where did you see these details on the Berlin factory? Curious to learn more (I don’t even know what are 4680 batteries)

Oh, Twitter and Youtube. Currently Tesla is using the 2170 battery, provided by external suppliers. That is 21 x 70 mm. The 4680 is a bigger cell, 46 x 80 mm. The promise is, that this cell will be more energy dense. Tesla will also glue the cells together, and this hexagon shape will support itself, eliminating the need for the underbody frame. All this should reduce weight, improve handling. Tesla produces the 4680 in-house, but I guess they will also license it to other battery producers. It’s still very early in the lifecycle process, so we don’t know how soon the promises made by Tesla can be met. I think the non-nerdy kind of people will not even know there is a difference.


By the time those batteries are being mass produced the Model Y might cost 10-15k more if this trend continiues.

Then it’s just not the time for buying cars. I am anyway pressed for cash recently. I got my tax bill for 2019 and 2020 short after one another.

We might be approaching this “saddle”, where ICE car sales plummet, because most people want their next car to be an EV, but not enough EVs are being made, so their price skyrockets. So for a few years there will be a slump in total car sales, until EV production ramps up. This could take until 2025. But eventually we need to see lower prices. EVs are eventually “simpler” to make, once you provide enough raw materials and build the factories.


Consider ordering the car at current prices and delay the delivery