Just moved to ZH... Questions about taxes

Hi all!

I just moved to ZH with my wife. I’m the only one working at the moment. She’s about to get a job too. We’re both B permit. My year salary is just below 120k. My wife’s wealth is above 250k.

Having read MP’s book I got interested in starting to invest. Right now I don’t have to fill in a tax return. I believe that completely changes as soon as I decide to invest.

At the moment I have a really small position in stocks (~2k CHF). If I cash out some money from this I don’t even know how to proceed in terms of taxes.

Can you guys recommend any reading I can do, specifically for ZH so I know what to expect if I start investing? I’m really looking for something step by step that helps me to comply with the law.

I’ve spent some time in the “tax office” page but since it’s all in German I’m constantly jumping back and forth to translate the content.

Thanks for the help!

You do have to file one (250k wealth is above the 160k limit for joint filing).

Quellensteuerpflichtige Personen | Kanton Zürich has the links “information leaflet”

Thank you for your help. I will inform myself on how to proceed

We did fill out the questionnaire when we moved and stated the wealth for both of us (each in his own form). This “wealth” filling is something that they will ask from me or do I have to do it by myself?

Even though we’re married, since both of us will probably receive less than 120k each, I believe that we will continue to be both taxed at source right?

Does the tax office offer some kind of consultation that I can pay for?

You’re already paying for it with your taxes :slight_smile:
Seriously, if you have a doubt just call them or write an email, it’s free.

You’re always taxed at source until you get a C permit or citizenship. The difference are your filing obligations, according to the leaflet you have to ask the cantonal tax office before end of March (I suppose for you that would be next year if you just arrived).

Once the tax filing is returned/processed, you’ll get your actual bill (which if you live in Zurich city is likely to be higher than the tax at source withheld since the city has higher tax than the cantonal average used to compute the at source rate).

Did that change, last time I asked they said something about 200k ?

No idea, that’s what the pdf says :slight_smile:

(but yes I think overall there’s been recent changes at Federal/Cantonal level that put more people into the “have to file” bucket)

Ask before March for sure, but know that you can ask for an extension for filing till September (in case you need time).

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