JETS ETF – Your Price Target?

I have not found a thread where you can discuss about stocks and ETFs in general. If there is something like that, please delete my post.

In Nov 19 the price spiked a last time to a high of $31.92 before it crashed by more than 50%. The ATH is at $34.66 from Jan 18. I’m confident that it will hit at least $32 post-covid but I think it could even beat the current ATH on the positive news when air traffic is back to normal and people FOMO in.

What is your opinion?

I don’t have a target, and the recovery to/above previous highs could take years, depending on the development (opening) of the situation.
Hype (and FOMO as you say) has been a solid booster for many other stocks, so it could happen sooner too.

I have a stop order at 25, and might sell part of it if it breaks through 30, then let it fly wherever it wants.
But I hold a meager amount in the grand scheme of things, I was just lucky with the “corona bets” with this one (bought at 12.5).

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